Evelyn Bushart named District Teacher of the Year

First grade dual language teacher Evelyn Bushart was brought to tears when Harlandale ISD Superintendent Rey Madrigal walked into her classroom with a flower arrangement and announced her as the District Teacher of the Year on Jan. 26.

District administrators and Rayburn ES Principal Faith Molina also joined in the celebration and congratulated Bushart on a job well done. The sound of cheers and applause erupted through the classroom as the students rushed to hug their teacher.

Overcome with excitement, Bushart said, “I’m really surprised, it’s an amazing recognition.”

Bushart has been teaching at Rayburn ES for three years, and even did her student teaching there. Bushart also holds several leadership roles at Rayburn ES such as grade level lead for first grade, PTA president, campus science facilitator and member of CPERC. 

Originally from Coahuila, Mexico, Bushart moved to Texas to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an educator to help children.

“Teaching is my passion, I want to be the best for my students,” she said. “Being a teacher gives me the opportunity to touch so many lives, not just the ones from the students, but also the parents, and being there for them when they need somebody.”

Bushart is always looking for new ways to improve her teaching and implement new learning strategies in her classroom. As a dual language teacher, she provides her students the tools they need to overcome language barriers, including vocabulary activities, student pre-assessments, small group instruction, interactive field trips and lesson plans that are individualized to her students' needs.

Rayburn ES Teacher Gabriella Aguayo helped mentor Bushart when she was a student teacher and could not be more proud of her achievement.

“She is able to connect with and empower her bilingual students on a daily basis,” Aguayo said. “Her ability to differentiate and provide support for each student is easily visible. She always goes above and beyond her required tasks to best reach her students.” 

Bushart is also known to establish a positive classroom environment, engage in parent-teacher communication and share new ideas among her colleagues and administrators. This year, she had the idea of creating a dual language posada, which promoted dual language and multiculturalism within the campus and community.

“She coordinated to create a night of singing, sharing, learning and coming together as a community to showcase the Hispanic culture. It was a great success!” Rayburn ES Academic Dean Ronnica Toscano said. “Ms. Bushart always has a smile, a caring heart and welcomes everyone. She is an outstanding member of the Rayburn family.”

Bushart plans to continue teaching at Harlandale ISD and encourage her students to leave a positive impact in their community.

“My heart is here at Harlandale, I love it,” she concluded.

Congratulations, Ms. Bushart! 

Evelyn Bushart named District Teacher of the Year

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