FTA students engage in hands-on STAAR review

FTA students engage in hands-on STAAR review
Posted on 04/26/2018
FTA students engage in hands-on STAAR review

Frank Tejeda Academy kicked off seven days of an engaging Algebra 1 STAAR review on April 25.

The media center featured eight different stations that helped students sharpen their math skills in fun and creative ways.  Activities varied from a factoring scavenger hunt that featured historical mathematicians to sorting linear cards and matching formulas to a vocabulary wall. Students also applied algebraic methods and cross checked their solutions using their TI-nspire technology tool.

When it comes to a STAAR review, this is the first year FTA transitions from a review in a traditional classroom to a more hands-on approach.

“Our whole objective on this is to engage the learning in more of the interactive type of way,” FTA Algebra 1 Teacher Desiree Smith said. “We wanted to get the students up and get them moving because just seeing it in a sheet of paper in front of you just doesn’t have as much of a feedback."

Students will continue to review the content more in-depth in the next few days leading up to the big test day on May 8.

Good luck, FTA Algebra 1 students!

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