Gillette Elementary honors Día de los Muertos

Beautiful altars adorned the Gillette Elementary cafeteria in celebration of the Mexican tradition Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, on Nov. 1.

Teachers, students and families gathered in the morning to showcase their colorful altars in honor of their departed loved ones as they enjoyed traditional “pan de muerto” and hot chocolate.

Many students painted their faces, which is a popular custom to celebrate the holiday, and wore floral headbands.

“It is always an amazing thing when students share their lives with you. We had over 85 altars created with love and stories of their own,” Gillette Elementary Principal Lorena Jasso said.

Each class passed by every table to admire the colorful altars on display. Every photograph, food item and object told a different story at each altar.

“The students loved being able to explore their family history and sharing memories of their loved ones, and even though they are gone, their memories stay,” Jasso added.

Many altars celebrated the life of grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles and even pets.

The event concluded with a memorable dance performance featuring a few of the students, proving that celebrating the Day of the Dead is a true celebration.

 Gillette Elementary honors Day of the Dead

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