Gillette Elementary hosts second annual Fairy Tale Bowl

Gillette Elementary hosts second annual Fairy Tale Bowl
Posted on 04/06/2018

Second grade students at Gillette Elementary participated in the school’s second annual Fairy Tale Bowl on April 2.

Every second-grade class had to read 13 Fairy Tale books that they were assigned to read since January. A qualifying exam was then given in March to see which four students would represent their class for the Fairy Tale Bowl Quiz.

Second-grade teachers Maria Mayhar, Diana Ruiz, Elizabeth Villarreal, Cristina Mendiola and Leticia Campos prepped the quiz for the big competition.

Gillette Elementary Librarian Lori Laguna hosted the event in the library.

“The Fairy Tale Bowl is a great way for the students to get excited about something they are reading according to their second ELA TEKS,” she said.

Third place winners: Mrs. Mayhar's team “Four Fab Brainiacs” – Nadia Sanchez, Maria Aviles, Miranda Gaytan and Benjamin Renteria.

Second place winners: Mrs. Villarreal's team “The Story Tellers” – Izabella Mayhar, Rafael Perez, Delinger De La Cruz and Hector Mendoza.

First place winners and champions for 2018:  Ms. Ruiz's team “Star Power” – Justice Martin, Jazlyn Maldonado, Layla Puente and Leonardo Garcia.

Way to go, Gillette Spurs!

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