Gillette Spur Choir performs at Arneson River Theatre

Gillette Spur Choir performs at Arneson River Theatre
Posted on 12/07/2018

The Gillette Spur Choir performed a Winter Holiday and Christmas Show at the Arneson River Theatre at the River Walk last Saturday in support of fundraising efforts sponsored by the Salvation Army of San Antonio.

Gillette Elementary Spur Choir would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Mayhar for connecting the choir to this important and prestigious event. 

Choir Director Dr. Leo Zepeda Jr. would also like to recognize the support of the Gillette Elementary administration, Principal Lorena Jasso, Academic Dean Julia Gimbel, Counselor Jennifer Clark, Counselor and Vice Principal Rolando Jimenez, as well as the entire faculty and staff for making this opportunity a huge success! 

The choir entertained more than 2.2 million people via live television and nightly news broadcast coverage, online presence and passer-byes on riverboats.

Way to go, Gillette Choir!


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