HHS Fire Explorers win awards

HHS Fire Explorers win awards
Posted on 04/21/2017

Harlandale HS Fire Explorers participated in the Alamo Area Fire Exploring Competition at the Helotes Fire Station on April 8.

The Indians competed against teams hailing from Poteet, Austin Fire Academy, Kennedy High School and Brandeis High School.

After competing in several timed events, the Harlandale HS Fire Explorers came out victorious with a first place win in the Four-Person Apparatus, a second place win in the Bunker Drill and third place win in the Three-Person Race.

The Bunker Drill involves donning the complete fire ensemble from helmet to boots and gloves as fast as possible.

In the Three-Person Race, each team member must run 50 feet. One team member connects the hose to a hydrant and charges the hole, another team member must connect the couplings connecting the two lengths of a 50 foot hose, and the third person runs to the end of the hose and connects the nozzle.  The time ends when water sprays out of the nozzle.  

The next contest was the Four Person Apparatus. While two students are seated in the front cab of the fire truck, two students are standing on the rear platform of the fire truck.  One student in the cab exits the truck and runs to the hydrant and connects and charges the hose, the second person in the cab connects the other end of the hose to the pumper valve on the truck.  One person on the rear of the truck runs with the hose located on the top of the truck until a coupling drops from the truck and connects a nozzle.  The second person on the back of the truck disconnects the coupling, drags the extended hose to the opposite side of the truck, connects it to the pump on the fire truck and charges the hose.  The time stops when water comes out of the nozzle. 

​The Harlandale HS Fire Explorers received training and sponsorship from the San Antonio Fire Department.

Team coach Donald Buckely is proud of his students for a job well done.

“Although we had one of the smallest teams, our students trained hard and were completely committed to doing their very best,” Buckley said. “All of their hard work paid off.”  

He added that as a result of this program at Harlandale, many doors and opportunities have opened for the students.  


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