Harlandale Film School student wins first place in city-wide contest

HHS student wins first place in city-wide film contest
Posted on 09/01/2017

Film School of San Antonio at Harlandale student Fatima Aguillon won first place in this year’s San Antonio Film Commission’s “My City, Our World Heritage” Student Film Contest. She was awarded $1,000 for her work as a writer and director in the film.

The city-wide contest, which was open to film students ages 14-21, allowed young filmmakers to acquire a better knowledge of world heritage, to express themselves and to develop a stronger sense of belonging and pride concerning world heritage.

For Fatima, San Antonio has always been her home and was excited to showcase some of the city’s most historic monuments.

“I felt happy to have been able to make a video that represents my city as what it is: a very colorful, unique and historical place,” Fatima said. “In the film, you can see the Alamo, the Torch of Friendship and the missions.”

The three-minute film is also narrated by Fatima. As she shares what San Antonio means to her, the video highlights some of the city’s most vibrant locations and events, including the River Walk and Battle of the Flowers Parade.

“I knew Fiesta was coming up when I learned about the contest, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to go to Fiesta and record people’s experiences and traditions,” Fatima explained.

The short film also includes an interview with Colleen Swain, the director of the World Heritage Office in San Antonio.

Fatima shot the film in April and May just before the school year ended with the help of Film School teacher Samuel Lerma, who considers her one of his best students.

“I knew she had a good chance of winning because she does strong work,” Lerma said. “We took three days out of our class time in May to go explore different San Antonio landmarks that are deemed World Heritage sites. So, I saw it as it was coming together, and I knew it was going to be a good piece.”

The film will be screened Sept. 2 at the Mission Marquee Drive, 3100 Roosevelt Ave., at 7 p.m.

Both Fatima and Lerma will be there to celebrate the win with friends and family.

“My parents are very happy for me because they know how passionate I am about film, and they support me,” she said.

Now a senior film student at Harlandale High School, Fatima hopes to continue studying film at the University of Texas.

Fatima’s award-winning entry can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/NikdZ8myt5I

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