Harlandale ISD hosts Quiz Bowl Competition

Middle school students from Leal and Kingsborough proved their wits competing in Harlandale ISD’s first annual Quiz Bowl Competition on May 19.

Harlandale High School hosted the district middle school Quiz Bowl, in collaboration with their Math Fiesta event.

Quiz Bowl is a game in which two teams compete against each other to answer questions from multiple categories of knowledge. Students must prepare themselves by working as a team and answering questions in genres such as: history, literature, science, fine arts, sports, and even some popular culture references.

“It’s challenging having to know so much information, but it’s a lot fun playing with my friends,” said one of the middle school competitors.

The Quiz Bowl competition is a collaborative effort of the Curriculum and Instruction department of Harlandale ISD. The goal is to provide an avenue for students to prove the knowledge they possess in a fun, yet competitive medium, to encourage learning and 21st century skills such as: working as a team, communication and expressing ideas.

Harlandale ISD Math Coordinator Gabriella McMillian was the initiator in developing this event for Harlandale middle school students.

“Our students have a wealth of knowledge in them, and I believe this event provides them the avenue to 'show off' their ability and hard work, and lets them celebrate their effort and achievement,” McMillian said.

The district plans to continue the competition next school year with hopes of more students joining the competition, as well as possibly competing in other tournaments within the San Antonio area.

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