KMS students prepare for history STAAR test

KMS students prepare for history STAAR test
Posted on 05/05/2017

Kingsborough Middle School students are ready to take on the history STAAR exam on May 11 thanks to the help of their teachers.

Social studies instructors Gerard Larios and Marisa Morenz organized a fun and interactive hands-on review for the students that took place May 1 – May 5 in the library. The review will continue May 8 and May 9 for two hours in the cafeteria.

The teachers formulate the review based on topics they covered all year, benchmarks and mock STAAR tests.

“This gives an opportunity to review information that they might have forgotten or missed throughout the year,” Larios said. “Students explain to us what they know and what information they have not mastered.”

The review is unique in the sense that there are no worksheets or notes involved. Instead, the students are up and active participating in hands-on activities.

“The students have to explain to us what the topics are about,” Larios explained. “We are only facilitators, not teachers at the moment.”

Throughout the review, students were engaged and excited about completing the activities.

“The review works very well for us here at Kingsborough Middle School,” Larios added. “Our previous scores proves that this method helps our students to be successful on STAAR tests.”

Good luck, KMS students!  

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