Leal MS Space Club wins Lunar Colony Design Competition

A total of 160 students from Harlandale’s four middle schools competed in the 2017 CIS-SA Lunar Colony Design Competition.  Leal Middle School Space Club took home the grand prize.

The students were tasked with designing a long term human habitat for the moon. Colonies were judged based on research and design, solutions for engineering and mental health, and on considerations for a long-term habitat on the moon.

“The students didn’t just have to think about how the colonists are going to get food, water and energy to survive, but also how are they going to be happy? Are they going to have government? Are they going to have entertainment?” CIS STEM Project Director Natasha Wilkerson said. “So it’s kind of a multidisciplinary project that was using the engineering side process.”

The students worked on the project for two months and even 3D modeled and printed some of their pieces.

“The whole point of Space Club is to get students interested in STEM,” Wilkerson added. “We’re trying to get them exposed to those careers in fun and engaging ways.”

Leal MS eighth grade student Joanna Duran has been a member of the club since sixth grade. She is reaping the benefits of Space Club is more ways than one.  

“Space Club has helped us learn about more things than we usually would in class and it’s also helped us gain a lot of social skills,” Duran said. “We get to interact with everyone and talk to people that we usually wouldn’t have the opportunity to.”

The team explained their lunar project to architects and engineers, who were quite impressed as they awarded Leal with first place.   

Congrats, Leal MS Space Club!

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