MHS Football Players show Appreciation to Mothers

MHS Football Players show Appreciation to Mothers
Posted on 11/02/2018

McCollum HS hosted its first annual Cowboys and Ladies Mother/Son dinner Celebration Thursday Nov. 1, for the Cowboys Football team.

The banquet style celebration was held in the MHS Cafeteria, where the tables were beautifully decorated with flowers and balloons. Mothers walked in beaming with joy as their sons escorted them to their seats for the evening, while they were served a delicious meal catered by Longhorn Steakhouse.

To show the importance of family in this program, not only did the young football players bring their mothers, but the coaches did as well.

Head Football Coach Matthew Uzzell created this dinner celebration to show appreciation for all of the sacrifices that a mother or surrogate mother makes for the young men in this program, whether they be their biggest cheerleaders, Uber drivers, personal chefs or nurses.

“We want to raise young men to be great husbands, fathers, sons, and contributors to society and those characteristics begin at home,” Uzzell said. “We want to take the time to foster those environments so that our family becomes stronger.”

The family atmosphere for the team started at the beginning of the year when they hosted the Father/Son Helmet Branding Ceremony, so they felt it was right to host a ceremony for the mothers of the team.

“I believe that holding events like this show the importance of sacrifice and unconditional love which are vital to becoming a great teammate and person,” Uzzell said. “This event along with others that we have and will continue to celebrate, showcase examples of great leadership, teamwork and ultimately the love we are striving for.”

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