McCollum HS unveils new media studio

A new and innovative form of broadcasting has arrived at McCollum High School.

After months of preparation and planning, the school’s Cowboy Productions team celebrated the opening of their brand new broadcasting studio on Sept. 22.

The new facility will provide students the opportunity to create and produce their own video projects, live broadcasts and online content.

“We’re really excited and ready to get going,” Senior Xavier Flores said. “It is a news broadcast station that we are going to use for our three main groups: MCTV, Green and Gold Standard for sports and In the Spotlight for arts and entertainment.”

The students provided a tour to classmates, educators and administrators where they revealed advanced camera equipment, a control center and a newly-painted green room.

Now using top technology, the Cowboy Productions team will go beyond their campus boundaries and gain real world opportunities and learning experiences.

“We have a lot of plans to start recording. We already have anchors, cameramen, producers and control men set up,” Xavier added. “The new studio will give us a bigger horizon to work with and expand our opportunities.”

Senior Carlos Montantes agreed and shared the excitement for the new studio.

“As the reporter, I want to try and get as many stories as we can. I plan on asking students what they’re doing or if they have a certain talent they want us to share,” Carlos said.

The team is now ready and motivated to begin new multimedia projects for the school, Harlandale ISD and the surrounding community throughout the school year. 

 2017 MHS cowboy production open house

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