Reading comes to life at KMS Literacy Night

Students and parents followed the yellow brick road from Kansas to Emerald City to expand their reading and writing at Kingsborough’s Wizard of Oz themed Literacy Night on Feb. 8.

The yellow brick road led the students and parents through the school to find different stations that included lessons in history, reading and writing. While poems were being read and riddles were being solved, participants in the Literacy Night were having a fun time learning.

“The goal of tonight was to show students how fun it is to read and to just have fun while learning,” Librarian Teresa Rodriguez said.

A unique aspect of the Literacy Night was an impromptu student performance on the Bill of Rights. In the middle of the U.S. History station, teacher Gerard Larios asked his eight grade students to state the Bill of Rights. The student used choreographed hand and body motions while stating all 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights.

“The main goal of reading is to bring books to life,” Larios said. “Whether it is U.S. History or English class, reading is an important aspect of education. In my class, it is not about coloring a map to learn about the world. As you’ve seen tonight, it is about bringing history to life for my students.”

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