Schulze Elementary teachers team up for success

Schulze Elementary teachers spent their Campus Professional Development Day collaborating on different ways to make sure students are making cross curriculum connections.  

Students will be seeing math in their reading classes and reading in their math classes.

“It’s important to collaborate because we’re all teaching our students, so whether it’s in a P.E. classroom, an art classroom or a music classroom, we have the same expectations so we’re promoting academic vocabulary, sentence stems and it’s important that we’re doing that throughout the whole day for our students,” Academic Coordinator Lynda Guzman said. “That way the students hear the same united voice.”

Teachers from all subjects met with other teachers teaching the same grade level and fed off of each other’s ideas to make sure the lessons carry over to the next class. In the end, the students will be the ones reaping the benefit.

“The students will be hearing the same message every class they travel to,” Schulze Principal Ms. Sylvia Tovar explained. “It’s also being included in art and music, so they can see those terms are going throughout the campus and they can see the big connection.” 

Schulze Professional Development

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