Stonewall Flanders ES hosts ‘No Tardy Pardy’

Stonewall Flanders ES hosts ‘No Tardy Pardy’
Posted on 01/19/2018

Stonewall Flanders Elementary students who did not have a single tardy during the last six weeks were invited to a fun “No Tardy Pardy” on Jan. 19.

This is the school’s latest incentive to encourage all students to arrive on time every morning.

Stonewall Flanders Elementary counselor Joseph Manjarrez helped organize the event and expressed the importance of reducing tardiness on campus.

“We need everybody at school on time so we can serve them breakfast and get the day started,” he said. “Sometimes kids will miss 10 to 15 minutes of reading, so we just want to make sure that kids get the best education.”

More than 350 students made their way to the school’s gym and received colorful glow sticks to use during their neon dance party. Manjarrez turned off the lights and played four of the children’s favorite dance songs.

“We just let them dance away, and the kids really enjoy it,” Manjarrez added.

The no tardy incentives will continue throughout the year with a bubble party planned for the next six-week period and outside activities for the last two periods.

“This is the first year we’re doing this, and I see the numbers climbing, which is great because the kids are encouraging each other to arrive on time,” Manjarrez concluded.


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