Students spread kindness with ‘Rayburn Rocks’

Students spread kindness with ‘Rayburn Rocks’
Posted on 03/29/2018

Students at Rayburn Elementary School spent the past few weeks painting rocks with uplifting messages and symbols as part of the new project called “Rayburn Rocks.”

The students were asked to collect rocks during their Spring Break and bring them to their art class. Together, they have all painted more than 1,800 rocks to be placed throughout the school and surrounding neighborhoods for others to find.

Art Teacher Lisa De Leon developed the initiative as a way to spread kindness and increase community involvement through the arts.

“Students are painting pictures or motivational quotes to inspire others,” she said. “Some students painted hearts, rainbows and flowers, while others painted quotes such as ‘Have faith’ or ‘Bee happy.’ These rocks are created to make someone's day a little brighter and give them a smile.”

De Leon hopes students will learn to become more observant of their community and the world around them.

“I'd like them to see how easy it is to be kind and spread kindness.  Some students have already started painting more rocks at home.  I hope they learn that even the smallest things can make a change for the better,” she concluded.

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