TWMS Algebra I students conquer EOC exam

Terrell Wells Middle School Algebra I teacher Jesus Muniz has a lot to be proud of.

All 46 of his eight grade students in Algebra I received Masters Grade Level on the Algebra I End Of Course (EOC) exam and a total of seven students earned perfect scores.

Jacob Cortez, Elena Garza, Miguel Martinez, Esmeralda Mejia, Erick Melendez, Victoria Moreno and Oscar Rodriguez all earned a perfect 100 on the exam.

The success comes after a lot of hard-work and preparation. Students did a lot of cooperative work in Algebra Camp, they practiced Algebra I EOC STAAR in the library for three days prior to the exam and they attended tutoring before and after school.

“I am extremely proud of them, they truly have a great attitude and work ethic to learn and master the SE’s in Algebra I,” Muniz said. “When I received their scores and saw how well they did, I was overjoyed and immediately wanted to share with them their success.”

Muniz expressed his gratitude toward district math coordinator Gaby McMillian, math coach Darlene Roebuck, campus administrators and teachers for the support.

“I know that it was a team effort and I am extremely happy with this school year,” Muniz said.

He added that he was thankful toward his Algebra I students for an amazing 2016-2017 school year, his best on yet.

Congrats to Mr. Muniz and his students on a job well done!

TWMS Algebra students

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