Thank you, counselors!

It’s National School Counselor’s Week and Harlandale ISD recognizes and thanks our counselors for their valuable contribution to our district.

Student Support Services Coordinator Deborah Hernandez hosted a luncheon for the counselors to show her appreciation.

“We are celebrating all of the hard work that our counselors do with students and families,” Hernandez said. “Our counselors really work hard and they are very comprehensive in all that they do.”

Before the luncheon, all 32 counselors and 12 social workers gathered at College Cafe to learn about self-injury interventions to help students stay safe.

“A counselor’s role is very important because it’s not only preparing for the future in the college readiness sense, but the social and emotional well-being of the student,” Hernandez explained.  “We are really focusing on how do we work with the whole child and that’s what’s so important. We want to help kids reach their potential, academically and emotionally.”

Superintendent Rey Madrigal extended a message out to the district in honor of the special week. 

“Our counselors have a great impact on student success, achievement and well-being,” Madrigal said. “We are very privileged to be surrounded by such dedicated and committed educators.”

He urged others to join him in saying, “School Counselors, we appreciate you!”


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