Vestal celebrates Author’s Day in wonderland

Vestal Elementary opened its doors to the community for their first Author’s Day on May 24. This ‘Vestal in Wonderland’ themed event was a great way for students to show off their reading and writing skills.

Since the theme was ‘Vestal in Wonderland’ students wrote and acted out their own plays that were based off the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ children’s book. As you walked into different classrooms you could see students using their imagination when it came to presenting their plays in front of parents and community members.

“It’s important for us to teach students that their work has meaning and to make sure that students understand that their thoughts are important as they put them on paper,” Vestal Elementary Principal Marianela Gonzalez said. “That was the purpose of Author’s day, to make sure that parents see the great work that students do here at school and have it displayed so they know how proud we are of them.”

As soon as you walked through the front door you were greeted with an explosion of beautiful colors and life-size dancing flowers welcoming you inside. Each hallway took on a different part of the story, going down the stairway actually felt like you were falling down the rabbit hole.

“I truly hope that parents see that what we do here as educators is to value education for their children and although they were impressed by the decorations, it’s more than the decorations,” added Gonzalez. “It’s the work that their children do as they write and continue to learn and grow.”

Students were also given books that were donated by AVANCE.

“It was a time for parents to sit down with their children and just spend time with them reading,” Vestal Librarian Regina Aguilar said. “We were able to give away books, which was a great opportunity for the kids because they will have these books to read throughout the summer.”

Teachers and staff hope to make Author’s Day and annual event for Vestal Elementary.

"This event really brightened up the rest of our year, knowing that we could just have fun together and have the students and teachers come out and decorate,” Vestal ELAR Teacher Stephanie Garcia said. “It just really brought the whole campus together for one last time before the school year ends.”

Principal Gonzalez says she already has a theme in mind for next year, but will keep everyone in suspense until then. 

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Vestal celebrates Author’s Day in wonderland
Uploaded: 26 May, 2017

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