Vestal Elementary treks to outer space

Vestal Elementary treks to outer space
Posted on 10/21/2016

Vestal Elementary families explored the fun in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at the school’s first STEM Night of the year.

Inspired by the science fiction television series Star Trek, the theme of the night was STEM Trek.

“We wanted to combine STEM activities with space so that the students could build rockets,” Vestal Elementary Science Teacher Guadalupe Villarreal said. “We wanted to bring space to them since they can’t go yet.”

The night featured a total of seven interactive stations, including an activity where students got to hold actual moon rocks and meteorites housed in thick glass disks. These samples from space are on loan from NASA.  

 “We’re trying to encourage a passion for science so that they can maybe one day be astronauts, engineers that go out into space, so that they can build a space colony,” Villarreal said. “Our goal is to help them have a love for science.”

The students gasped in amazement when they got to see pieces of the moon and when their paper-made rockets took off. Other activities included a vieweing of the LEGO Movie, the Cardboard Challenge, stop-motion animation, a demonstration from Laserquest and descrambling space planets.

Once the students visited a minimum of four stations, they received a free book and tasty treats. 

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