Instructional Materials


    HISD Instructional Materials(Textbooks) is a service of the Learning Resources Department within the Curriculum & instruction Division. Department staff facilitates district compliance with Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part II, Chapter 66, Sub-Chapters C-E, which addresses local requisitioning, distribution, and inventory of state-adopted instructional materials.  Services include:
    • Coordination of the annual instructional materials adoption process following the State Board of Education's Instructional Materials Adoption Proclamations (see Links for the current state adoption cycle);
    • Preparation of the annual order of newly adopted and any ancillary or additional instructional materials needed based upon year-end campus enrollment projections;
    • Coordination of and assistance in receiving, processing, and distributing newly adopted instructional materials and ancillary materials to campuses;
    • Purchase of replacement instructional materials;
    • Coordination with district warehouse personnel for distribution of new and additional instructional materials needed at campuses throughout the school year;
    • Coordination of retrieval from and re-distribution to campuses of surplus state-adopted instructional materials;
    • Maintenance of the districts instructional materials inventory, surplus instructional materials, and out-of-adoption materials;
    • Coordination of the annual campus and district state-adopted and other district-purchased instructional materials inventories according to state regulations.