• San Antonio has a booming economy that is quickly transforming from a low-skill, low-wage work space to a high-skill, high-wage, technologically advanced, innovative center for prosperity. Harlandale ISD recognizes a need for our students to receive high-tech and project-based educational experiences that allow them to demonstrate their potential as capable members of an elite workforce and college-ready students aimed at higher education degrees.

    The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), pipeline within our district ensures that all students have an opportunity to engage in varied levels of STEM education. Along with instructional practices, after-school clubs, summer programs, enhanced classroom exposure and opportunity, and science/engineering fairs, all students K-12 are able to become skilled STEM enthusiasts ready for the future of their choosing.



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  • For more information about STEM in Harlandale ISD, contact our STEM Coordinator, Meghan Guerrero, at 210-989-4558, or via email at meghan.gurrero@myhisd.net