• A Message from Harlandale ISD Police Department

    632 West Vestal Place
    San Antonio, Texas 78221
    Dispatch - 210-989-4753


    All members of the Harlandale Independent School District Police have made a commitment to ensure that your children have a safe learning environment in our schools in order to obtain the education they deserve.  We strive to create a close working relationship with the citizens of this district by maintaining both a positive and professional attitude towards our community.

    In order to fulfill our commitment to you, we ask for your trust and support.  We understand that the service our Department provides are directly related to the quality of our relationship with the people we serve.

    We ask that if at any time you have an encounter with a member or our department that concerns you or is worthy of commendations, we would like to hear from you.  We will always welcome for discussion any ideas, concerns or initiatives that you would like to share with us that might improve not only the safety of our children but the quality of life for the community.


    Harlandale Police Officers A Dedicated Force

    The Harlandale ISD Police Department is a committed force of state Licensed Peace Officers and civilian employees who provide 24-hour service and office support dedicated to the safety and welfare of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Harlandale ISD and to the protection of all municipal police departments, state and federal agencies, and other school district police departments in the Bexar County area.


    The Harlandale ISD Police Department has geographical jurisdiction within the district boundaries, including all school district property owned outside the district. Harlandale Independent School District encompasses over 24 schools and facilities and more than 2,000 employees serving more than 15,000 students in 2018-2019.

    Classroom and Community Involvement

    Harlandale Police Officers offer classroom education through the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) program for middle school students. In addition, the Department serves an important role in extending the District’s commitment to the community by providing speakers for PTAs, citizen organizations, and faculty groups.

    District Police Patrol  Officer and Campus Police Officer

    Police Patrol Officers protect life and property on all Harlandale campuses and facilities within the boundaries of the District and enforce school zone speed limits. They respond to alarms and randomly check all District facilities on a 24-hour basis. Police Officers also investigate traffic accidents occurring on District property and assist other law enforcement agencies, as necessary, in the investigation of crimes within the District boundaries. Police Patrol Officers are the primary response units to Harlandale ISD elementary schools during school hours and assist the Campus Police Officers.

    Harlandale Campus Police Officers are assigned directly to secondary and the special school campus. Two Campus Police Officers are assigned to each high school; one Campus Police Officer is assigned to each middle school and the special school. In addition to the same duties as the Police Patrol Officers, Campus Police Officers protect persons and property on their assigned campuses and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering school grounds. The Campus Police Officers work closely with campus administration, assisting with serious discipline issues and taking law enforcement action when necessary. Campus Police Officers are positive mentors and role models to students.