Greetings from the Harlandale ISD Police Department.

    We are located at 632 W. Vestal Pl., San Antonio, TX 78221

    24/7 Dispatch (210) 989-4753



    Mission Statement

    To create and maintain a safe, secure, and learning environment for our students and staff, and to serve the greater needs of the community by working in partnership with our schools and other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.


    Vision Statement

    The Harlandale ISD Police Department, through continued enhancement of programs and services, will support the educational needs of the school district, champion every student’s outcome and the community we serve. 


    Core Values

    • Committed to guiding students to ensure their educational success with a positive police interaction in a professional manner through counseling, mentoring, and education.

    • Committed to providing each employee the training, resources, and opportunities necessary to achieve their full potential.

    • Respect and value the importance of our employees and their contributions.

    • Respect the rights, liberties, and dignity of all, serving with compassion, respect and courtesy.

    • We believe that citizens and parents are critical stakeholders in improving the quality of life in all of our communities.