Cyberbullying / Digital Citizenship Resources


    The State of Texas has adopted David's Law and amended the Education Code to redefine "bullying," so that it also includes 'cyberbullying' in response to the increasing danger it presents.  The following digital resources are available to help prevent cyberbullying. HISD's K-8 state adopted resource subscription for teaching all Technology Applications TEKS including cyberbullying, online safety and digital citizenship; this resource has a wealth of resources with scope and sequence and lessons
    BrainPop:  Subscription resources on cyberbullying and digital citizenship at BrainPOP Cyberbullying
    Common Sense Media : FREE cyberbullying resources at (the scope and sequence of lessons and resources to follow for delivery of the information in a classroom setting is located at

    Common Sense Media:  Digital Citizenship
    NetSmartz : FREE online resources 

    Parents' Guide to Cyberbullying Kids these days are subject to a digital world that can be harder to monitor than the physical world. Without proper monitoring and education, cyberbullying can be a huge issue with harmful effects on children’s physical and mental well-being. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about cyberbullying from a parent’s perspective, from learning what it is in the first place, looking for warning signs, helping your child to overcome cyberbullying, and reporting it to the proper authorities.