Operating Guidelines

  • Special Education Operating Guideline:  
    The ARD committee must determine needed special education services. 300.320(a)(4), 89.1050(a)(1) The term special education means specially-designed instruction, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of the child with a disability. 300.39(a) 

    Office of Special Education Services

    This site supports the Harlandale Independent School District team to navigate the district's special education process. It is updated frequently to reflect changes in local, state, federal policies and practices regarding students with disabilities. The special education team is available for further clarification and assistance. 

    Overview and Purpose 
    The purpose of the Procedural Guide for Special Education is to provide an administrative tool for all district personnel with responsibilities related to special education in the Harlandale Independent School District. This guide may also be used for orientation of new staff, for clarification of rules and regulations, and for staff development. 
    It is important that all persons with responsibilities to disabled students have access to the guide on the campuses and be familiar with the sections in the guide pertaining to their designated areas. 
    The policies and procedures manual is a working document.  The manual will serve as a reference for operating guidelines for Special Education.  In addition, locally adopted policies and procedures will continue to evolve reflecting changes in federal and state mandates.  While an annual review of the manual is not required, the policies, procedures, guidelines and forms will be reviewed as needed. 

    Child Find Duty


    Referral for Possible Special Education

    Child Find Ages 0-5

    Children Who Transfer

    Review of Existing Evaluation Data

    Evaluation Procedures

    Evaluation - Disability

    Independent Education Evaluation

    Admission, Review, and Dismissal Committee Membership

    Parent Participation 

    Admission, Review, and Dismissal Committee Meeting

    Transition Services and Graduation

    Amendment Without a Meeting

  • Commensurate School Day

  • Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Discipline

  • Extended School Year Services

  • Funding and Continuum of Services

  • Grade Placement Committee and Graduation

  • Health and Medical Services

  • Homebound Services

  • Instructional Materials / Educational Materials

  • LifeSkills

  • Mainstream/In-Class Support (IS) Services

  • Manifestation Determination Review

  • Music Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Orientation and Mobility Services

  • Out of District Programs

  • Parent Concerns

  • Physical Therapy

  • Private, Religious, and Home Schools

  • Residential Facilities Monitoring/RF Tracker

  • Resource Room

  • Special Education Funding

  • Special Education Rules and Regulations

  • Speech-Language Services

  • Student Folders: Access Form, Sequence, and Transmittal

  • Student Records: Confidentiality, Releasing & Destruction

  • Transportation

  • Video Surveillance of Special Education Settings

  • Visual Impairment