• Student Enrollment


    Residency Required

    Residency in the District is required for enrollment unless otherwise specified by federal or state law or Board policy. Generally, residency is considered to be where a student sleeps during a school week. The District is authorized to require evidence that a person resides in the District.

    NOTE: Residence means that the person lives in the district.

                 Owning property in the district does not qualify as residency unless the  
         person occupies the property.                    


    Proof of Residency

      Proof of residence may include but not be limited to:

    • CPS or SAWS bills with proper names and addresses.

      (Only current bills will be accepted.  No past due bills are accepted).

    • Lease/Rental Agreement – the names of parent and all persons enrolling must be on the lease.
    • Official mortgage or rent payment receipts with business letterhead in print.

    (Hand written receipts are not acceptable).

    Contact Pupil Personnel if no other means of verification are available.


    Students cannot be denied enrollment solely on the basis of failure to provide student identification and school records.  If the school has reason to believe that the student’s identity is in question, it has the responsibility to notify the police department to determine if the child has been reported as missing.  Also, failure to furnish the required document and other records within 30 days of enrollment, will initiate a similar notification to law enforcement agencies and/or Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.  You can also contact Missing Children and Missing Persons information Clearinghouse (1-800-346-3243).

    Board Policy FD(Legal) “Admissions and Attendance” deal with requirements for admission and subsequent documentation.