• Affidavit of Residence

    Harlandale ISD requires evidence that a student resides in the district before the student can be enrolled.  There are, however, occasions where a family is living with another family.  On these occasions, a family can complete an Affidavit of Residency.

    NOTE: The primary purpose of the student’s residence in the District must NOT be to participate in extracurricular activities.

                First Time Affidavits – Completed at the Pupil Personnel Department

                Renewals (If no changes) – Done annually, Completed at the campus.

                Renewals (Changes have occurred) – Completed at Pupil Personnel

    An Affidavit of Residency requires both the parent/guardian of the child and the Host/Resident to appear before the Pupil Personnel Administrator or Campus Designee.  In completing the form, the Host and parent/guardian are attesting that the family of the child is residing with the resident.  The notarized Affidavit of Residency notifies both the parent/legal guardian and the Host that falsification of the information contained within the Affidavit of Residency subjects the child to immediate withdrawal and subjects both the parent/guardian and the Host to prosecution that include liability for tuition.

    The following documentation is required when completing or renewing an Affidavit of Residency:

    • Both the parent/legal guardian and the Host Resident to be present.
    • A picture ID for both the parent/legal guardian and the Host Resident.
    • Resident’s proof of residency

                            Home Owners/Rentals: Current CPS or SAWS bill;

                            Apartment Residents: Lease/Rental Agreement only.

    The Pupil Personnel representative will inform the parent/legal guardian and the resident of the provisions applicable to admissions as outlined in the Affidavit of Residency, specifically that the persons subject themselves to prosecution if the information is falsified. 

    Also, both parties will be informed that a campus may conduct a residency investigation to verify the accuracy of the information contained in the affidavit.  If at any time an investigations finds that the information within the document has been falsified, the child is subject to immediate withdrawal.

    The Affidavit of Residency file can be found below in English or Spanish: