• Grandparent After-School Care Form 

    Education Code 25.001(b)(9) grants districts the authority to allow out of district students to attend the district school in their maternal/paternal grandparent’s attendance zone if the grandparent provides a substantial amount of after school care. 

    New transfer requests to schools outside the grandparent’s attendance zone will not be permitted. The child can only attend the campus in the Grandparent’s attendance area.

    NOTE: The primary purpose of the student’s residence in the District must NOT be to participate in extracurricular activities.  Please be advised that the student’s eligibility to participate in University Interscholastic League (UIL) contests shall be governed by the UIL’s Constitution and Contest Rules as well as by Harlandale ISD Board Policy (FDB Local), which requires a minimum of one calendar year period of ineligibility for UIL varsity competition.

    Pupil Personnel has a specific form designed for the grandparent and parent that must be properly filled out and notarized. The parent and grandparent meet with Pupil Personnel with all appropriate documents including:

    • Parent proof of residency
    • Grandparent proof of residency
    • Birth certificate for the parent that establishes the parent-grandparent relationship
    • Birth certificate for the child that establishes the parent child relationship
    • Valid ID for both the grandparent and parent.
    • Marriage license if there is a step-parent/step-grandparent involved.

    Pupil Personnel will verify all documents presented by both parties involved. A student contract (s) will be generated and process will be complete for enrollment.

    NOTE: A student enrolled on a Grandparent Application is placed on a Student Contract which can be revoked due to poor attendance/tardiness; or poor behavior.  The campus will notify the parent of the revocation and the child will be withdrawn from HISD.

    Grade Level OVERLOADING Situations: In grade level overload situations at Kinder – 5th grades, residents of individual campuses are given priority.  As non-district residents, students enrolled on a Grandparent Application will be the first to be overloaded to another campus. Students are overloaded for one year only and cannot be overloaded again.

    Renewing the Grandparent after School Care Form

     The Grandparent form and student contract must be renewed each year that the grandparent provides substantial after-school care.

    A new form must be completed for the current school year and signed by a Pupil Personnel administrator. Current school year student contracts will be generated.

    Please click on the attachment below to download a copy of the Grandparent After-School Care Form

     Grandparent Application - English

     Grandparent Application - Spanish