• Student Transfers

    The Pupil Personnel Department acts as a clearinghouse for all transfers. This means that the approval of a Pupil Personnel administrator is required for all transfer requests. In this way we can record the transfers and properly document them.

    Intra-district transfer approvals for each school year are held for the Kindergarten - 7th grade levels until  after  populations  stabilize  in schools. (This is our 3 week waiting period at the beginning of the school year)

    Transfer requests are the responsibility of the parents and should not cause a loss of instructional time. Exceptions may occur in situations involving an Alternative Educational Program or administrative transfers as a result of hearings, teacher removal of the student from the classroom, or principal recommendations.

    Transfers must be renewed by signing a new contract page each year unless otherwise specified. Transfers expire as indicated with each type.

    **All Pre-Kinder placements are determined and directed to the Elementary Director of Curriculum and Instruction. 

    Reasons for a Transfer Request

    A parent may request a transfer for the following reasons:

    • Physiological, psychological and sociological reasons when certified in writing by a physician or psychologist;
    • To take academic courses not offered at the home school if accompanied by a recommendation of the home school principal;
    • Extreme hardship reasons such as transportation, student safety and keeping siblings together;
    • The student is a victim of a bully as defined by the school district;
    • The student has been the victim of a violent criminal offense while on the school premises or at a school function or activity. 

    Please click on the files below to download or print a copy of the In-District Transfer Form:

    In-District Transfer Form - English
    In-District Transfer From - Spanish