• In-District Transfers




    An in-district transfer occurs when a student transfers from one school to another school within the District while maintaining residence in the previous school’s attendance area. Elementary transfers are permitted after school populations stabilize, generally after the first two weeks of school. Transfer requests are given careful consideration on an individual case basis.


    NOTE: A request for transfer may be denied on the basis of poor attendance, poor grades, or unsatisfactory conduct.

    NOTE: All transfers are conditional and may be revoked at any time by the receiving school principal for poor attendance, unacceptable grades, or unsatisfactory conduct.


    A student who wishes to attend a school other than as assigned shall obtain prior written approval from the Superintendent or designee. (FDB Local)  To request an Intra-District Transfer, the following procedures must be followed:

    • Obtain and complete an In-District Transfer Form.  The form can be downloaded from the link below or a copy can be provided to you from the Pupil Personnel Office.
    • The parent/guardian will need to schedule an appointment with the campus Principal or Principal’s Designee of the receiving campus (The campus you wish your child to attend.)  The transfer will either be approved or denied.
    • The parent/guardian schedule an appointment with the Home Campus to obtain the Home Campus Principal’s or Designee’s signature and approval or denial.
    • The parent/guardian submits the transfer to the Pupil Personnel Office for approval or denial.
    • If the Home Campus, Receiving Campus and Pupil Personnel Office all sign and approve – the transfer is approved and the student may withdraw from his Home Campus and enroll at the Receiving Campus.
    • If any one of the Home Campus, Receiving Campus and/or Pupil Personnel Office deny the transfer – the transfer is denied and the student remains at his Home Campus.


    If a request for a transfer is denied by a campus principal, a parent may petition in writing to the Pupil Personnel Department within two school days of the denial.  The appeal form can be downloaded from the link below or can be provided to you from the Pupil Personnel Office.  The appeal must be in writing by the originator of the transfer request.

    The Superintendent or designee shall render a decision within five school days.  The decision of the Pupil Personnel Department may be appealed in accordance with FDB (Legal).

    A copy of the In-District Transfer Form can be downloaded from the attachments below: