• Public Education Grant (PEG) Transfers


    Public Education Grant (PEG) program transfers allow a parent/guardian of a student enrolled at a PEG-designated school to submit an application to attend a campus in any other school district for the designated

    1-year school term.


    A school district is entitled to accept or reject the request for the student to attend school in that district but may not use criteria that discriminates on the basis of student’s race, ethnicity, academic achievement, athletic abilities, language proficiency, sex, or socioeconomic status.  In keeping with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) guidelines for inter-district PEG Transfer requests, please be advised that Harlandale ISD evaluates PEG transfers using the same protocol for non-PEG transfers, which is generally denied due to lack of space.  For more information, you may review TEA’s Frequently Asked Questions on PEG.


    For information on Harlandale ISD PEG-designated schools, please contact the Pupil Personnel Office at (210) 989-4445.


    To submit a PEG Transfer, please follow the following guidelines:


    • Use the TEA Transfer Form attached below or obtain a copy at the Pupil Personnel Office. Complete the form and attach a copy of the PEG letter from the Home District.
    • Submit the form to the campus Principal for review and consideration.
    • Submit the form to the Director of Special Programs for review and consideration if the child is in special programs.
    • Submit the form to the Pupil Personnel Office for final approval.

    There is no renewal process as a PEG Transfer as it is only good for the one school year.

    The TEA Form required for a PEG Transfer can be obtained at the HISD Pupil Personnel Department.