• Overload Transfers


    At the elementary level only, there may be a possibility of an overload in your child’s grade. The state of Texas requires that there be a ratio of 22 students to 1 teacher in grades 1ST through 4TH grade. 

    Although your child is enrolled at their home school, it may become necessary to transfer your child to another elementary that has space in your child’s grade level. There is no way of knowing what the final count will look like until school has started. Therefore, the school district will review class counts for the first few weeks after school begins. During the third week of school the District will decide which, if any, campuses will need to transfer students and what campus they will be transferred to.

    Priority is given to residents of each individual attendance area; therefor, students enrolled on a Tuition Agreement, Grandparent Agreement, TEA Transfer (Overloaded only 1 year), PEG Transfer or Intra-District Transfer will be overloaded first.  However, the overloading of residents may still occur.  In this case, overloads are determined by last enrolled, first to be overloaded.

    Should it become necessary to transfer your child to another campus, the school district will provide transportation to and from the new campus. Your child will need to be dropped off each morning at the Home Campus at a designated time and the bus will take your child to the new campus. If someone cannot pick up your child right after school, the after school program at each Elementary is available for Kindergarten - 5th grade students.

    Though it is not a state mandate, in an effort to provide the best quality education for our students, the District will overload 5th grade students if the class size becomes too large as well.