• Student and Parent Complaint Procedures

    Usually, student or parent complaints or concerns are addressed by a phone call or conference with the teacher.

    Prior to taking further action, students and parents are required to notify the campus principal in order to seek a resolution to their concerns.

    For complaints and concerns that cannot be handled so easily, the District adopted a standard complaint policy [FNG (Local)] in the District’s policy manual. A copy of this policy may be obtained in the principal’s or Superintendent’s office, or on the District’s website.

    Some complaints require different procedures addressed by specific District policies. A copy of this policy may be obtained in the principal’s or Superintendent’s office, or on the District’s website.

    • Discrimination on the basis of gender - FB

    • Sexual abuse or sexual harassment of a student – FFH

    • Loss of credit on the basis of attendance – FEC

    • Removal of a student by a teacher for disciplinary reasons – FOA

    • Removal of a student to a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) – FOCA

    • Expulsion of a student – FOD

    • Identification, evaluation, or educational placement of a student with a disability – EHBE and FB

    • Instructional materials – EFAA

    • On-campus distribution of non-school materials to students – FMA

    • Complaints against District peace officers – CKE


    If a parent has met with the Principal and wishes to file a formal complaint, the Student and Parent Complaint Form (attached below) must be filled out completely and submitted by hand delivery, electronic communication, or U.S. mail to the Principal within the time established in FNG (LOCAL). All complaints will be heard in accordance with FNG (LEGAL) and (LOCAL) or any exceptions outlined therein.

    Student/Parent Complaint Form attachment below:

    Student/Parent Complaint Form- English

    Student/Parent Complaint Form-Spanish

    Informal resolution is encouraged but does not extend any deadlines in FNG (LO-CAL), except by mutual written consent.

    Level One: Complaint forms must be filed:

    1. Within 15 days of the date the student or parent first knew, or with reasonable diligence should have known, of the decision or action giving rise to the complaint or grievance; and
    2. With the lowest level administrator who has the authority to remedy the alleged problem.

    In most circumstances, students and parents shall file Level One complaints with the campus principal.

    If you have any questions or concerns about District or Campus discipline policies, please contact your school or the Office of Pupil Personnel at 210-989-4445.