h w schulze   armstrong   bruck    adkins 
                               H.W. Schulze           Jim Armstrong        Kathleen Bruck            O. Raye Adkins

                                          fisher   tovar   trevino
                                            Buster Fisher             Sylvia Tovar            Victoria Trevino

    Formerly Kingsborough Ridge Elementary the school opened on August 27, 1960. Homer W. Schulze was the first principal. The building housed 500 students in grades 1-7 in its 22 classrooms. Mr. Schulze remained principal until 1968. Upon his retirement, he was replaced by Jim Armstrong. By 1974 the school name was changed to H.W. Schulze Elementary. The school was enlarged in 1986 with additional classrooms and a library. By this time all of the classrooms were air-conditioned. Kathleen Bruck began serving as principal by 1992. That same year, Schulze became one of Trinity University’s “Smart Schools for San Antonio’s Future”. The school adopted the motto, “It takes a village to raise a child” and re-organized into four villages. Each village had its own theme and banner and consisted of at least one class from each grade. Schulze had an average enrollment of 590 for the 1993-1994 school year. O. Raye Adkins took on the job as principal in 1994, and the school continued with its villages. During her tenure the school was recognized for its Reading Program. Schulze Elementary was asked to present its effective reading practices at the convention for the International Reading Association. In the year 2000, Buster Fisher became principal. He quickly became known for using the word, "awesome". By 2003, the school moved its location to begin renovation. In the Fall of 2005, Schulze completed construction and relocated from the old Gillette Elementary and moved to where it stands today. Eight Pre-Kindergarten classes were implemented as well as a Dual Language program. Reasoning Minds for grades 3 and 4 were also introduced giving students an opportunity to experience math using an online program. Mr. Fisher retired in 2012. Sylvia Tovar served as principal soon after. Mrs. Victoria Trevino began the 2017-2018 year as the school principal. Its enrollment at the end of the school year for grades Pre-K to 5th grade was at 800. The Roadrunner serves as the school mascot and the school colors are red and white.