Degrees and Certifications:

8th Grade Math Special Education

I am an 8th grade Math IS Teacher, co-teaching with Ms. Pena. I am part of the Special Education Team at Leal. I presently have been and will be tutoring math after school Mon - Thurs; however, when mandatory tutoring is occurring only those students will be attending. (Announcements will be made)  I am involved with the A&M Gardening Club and Origami Club.  I am retired from the United States Air Force and would proudly do this again.  I worked at UTSA, President's Office and the Trio Program before becoming a teacher.  I am a graduate from UTSA, M.Ed. and Master's Business  - Graduate Business Massachusetts.  Bachelor's is Social Psychology.  I have 3 grown children, all married, and have 7 beautiful grandkids, 1 dog and two cats.


Office Hours: 1:58-2:47