Gillette Elementary

    625 Gillette Blvd. / San Antonio, TX 78221



    Gillette Elementary Front



    Gillette was opened in September 1960 with twenty-four classrooms and the other necessary auxiliary facilities. The architectural design of Gillette, especially the front entrance, was different from any other Harlandale ISD school at the time.  The first principal of Gillette was Mr. Willis Rains. He served as principal until he retired in 1981.

    Gillette continued to grow to accommodate the ever increasing student population.  In 1985 additional classrooms, a school library, and air conditioning were added to the school campus. Additionally, in 1990 a pre-kindergarten unit was also added to the campus.

     By 2000 the "old Gillette" was bursting at the seams and a new campus was built on the site. The older school building housed Wright and Schulze Elementary students and staff while their home schools were modernized and later demolished.

    The current principal is Mrs. Lorena Jasso. Under Mrs. Jasso's guidance the school achieved recognition for student progress, an enhanced AVANCE pre-kindergarten program, dual language classrooms, and added additional computer labs.