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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Manuela Gaona

Mexican American Studies 

Ethnic Studies: Mexican-American Studies (MAS) 2021-2022
Instructor and Course Information:
Manuela Gaona: Room #820 | Phone- (210)989-1500
Tutorials: Tuesday, Wednesday, 4:00-4:45
Schedule: School Hours: 8:20am – 4:00pm
Per. Class Time
1st MAS 8:20-9:07
2nd Conference 9:12-10:15
3rd MAS 10:20-11:07
4th MAS 11:12-11:59
5th MAS 11:50-12:35
6th 2nd LUNCH 12:56-1:26
7th PLC 1:31-2:18
8th MAS 2:23-3:09
9th MAS 3:14-4:00
Course Description:
Mexican-American Studies (One Credit)
Students shall be awarded one unit of credit for successful completion of this course. Students will learn about the history and cultural contributions of Mexican Americans. Students will explore history and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. They will have opportunities to interact with relevant film, literature, art, and other media. The course emphasizes developments in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and will examine the impact of geographic factors, constitutional issues, and technological advances on American life. Students will be asked to analyze the relationship of government and its citizenry, use critical thinking skills and a variety of primary (Mrs. Gaona is old enough to be considered a primary source) and secondary source material to interpret past events. Additionally, students will utilize higher order thinking skills by writing essays & engaging in discussions.
Required Materials: •Pen or Pencil,•1½ Binder,• 2 Pk. Of Dividers
Grading: Summative: 60%: Tests, Projects & Quizzes
Minimum number of grades required for Summative Assessment Category per cycle: 4 High School
Formative: 40%: Homework & Daily Assignments
Minimum number of grades required for the Formative Assessment Category per Cycle: 10 High School
Progress Reports: will be issued every 3rd week of the 6-week cycle.
Report Cards: will be issued at the end of the 6-week cycle.

Late and Make up Work:
Late work will be given a reduced grade based on the number of days the work is late. Ten (10) points will be deduced each day assignment is late. Students in need of make-up work need to make arrangements with me in person or via email or google classroom.
Attendance will be taken daily.
All school and district rules are enforced in this classroom – see student handbook for complete and specific details.

Teacher: (1) assist with and teach the strategies, skills, and concepts needed to prepare the students to be successful in this course and those skills necessary to become a lifelong learner. (2) Be open to new ideas and new learning. (3) Provide a safe, respectful, and fair learning environment.
Student: (1) Accept the challenge of higher academic standards. (2) Develop independent learning skills. (3) Seek academic assistance when necessary. (4) Accept the study of advance, diverse, and ambiguous material. (5) Manage time appropriately. (6) Be respectful to new ideas. (7) Follow all classroom rules. (8) Be prepared to work hard, learn, and have fun.

Class Rules:
1.Be respectful of all people in the class.
2.Come to class prepared.
3.No eating in class.
4.No grooming in class.
1.Verbal correction/student conference
2.Parent phone call/conference
3.Referral to Vice Principal of Discipline/Counselor/Social Worker