Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Lincoln Miller

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska and went to grade school in Nebraska and Oklahoma but graduated from Millard South High School in Nebraska. That winter, it got to -20 F with wind chill of -70 F. So I went south for college. I got married, had 2 children, and graduated college from the University of Texas at Arlington with Batchelor of Science in Mathematics. I took additional graduate Mathematics courses while working as a telecommunications software engineer (which I thought would be a better path for me than designing software for weapons of destruction - where I got my other offers). After the dot com bust of 2000 that took my employer with it, I changed course shortly after and entered the North Carolina State University where I studied and obtained a masters degree in Biochemistry. After working several contracts, the last of which was in San Antonio, I decided to pursue teaching of my first love which is mathematics. Already having more than one degree, I entered teaching through the alternative certification program. Even though I had taught Intro to Biochemistry as part of my graduate program at NC State, my knowledge of mathematics is deep. 

It has been a priviledge to teach in the Harlandale ISD and it is my sincere desire to help McCollum High School achieve a high level of academic excellence.