Pupil Personnel

    906 March Avenue

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    The Pupil Personnel Office serves as a support to the Harlandale ISD community and campuses in the areas of Discipline, Safe Schools, Family Code and Student Enrollment.



    The mission of the Harlandale ISD Pupil Personnel Office is to support the efforts of the cistrict and the community in serving as a resource in enhancing school operations and in providing a safe school environment for all students and staff members.


    The Pupil Personnel Department serves as the board's designee in assisting our community and campuses with the following services:

    Student Enrollment                    

    • Affidavit of Residency
    • Power of Attorney
    • Grandparent Application
    • Tuition Application
    • Home Schooling Form

    Student Transfers

    • TEA Transfer
    • Intra-District Transfers
    • Overload Transfers
    • Administrative Transfers
    • Public Education Grant (PEG) Transfers

    Safe Schools

    • Bullying
    • Chapter 37 Discipline Law and Order
    • Title 5 Felony Offenses of the Texas Penal Code
    • Review Paperwork and Clearance for any student upon release from a BCJDC, detention facility, jail, or other arrestable offense


    • Harlandale ISD Code of Conduct
    • Harlandale ISD Parent/Student Handbook
    • District Discipline Conference Procedures and Process
    • Parent Concerns in Regards to Discipline, Safety, Bullying
    • Expulsion Hearings
    • JJAEP (Juvenile Justice Academy Alternative Education Program)

    Family Code

    • Married, Separated and Divorced Parent Education Rights


    • Former student transcripts (not current year) for university, work, school, employment, enlistment, or other requests

    Attendance/Truancy Officer

    • Municipal Court Juvenile Case Manager
    • Truancy Prevention Measures
    • Compulsory Attendance


    Section 504

    Leaver/Dropout Coordinator

    Title IX Student Concerns