• About Us

  • Harlandale Independent School District has about 950 teachers that inspire students every day. Between our high schools, four middle schools, 13 elementary schools, two alternate campuses, and a facility for special needs, we assist approximately 12,500 students every year. Every student that participates in our ISD school will develop essential skills they need to be successful in life. Our teachers are there to help students who have yet to excel at learning and need additional guidance. Our teachers also help students who are at the top of the class and need additional challenge and advanced placement courses.


    We welcome you to learn more about our public school enrollment in San Antonio, TX. Our teachers can be that guiding hand your student needs to lead a fulfilling life. In our schools, our teachers cultivate students’ love of learning and empower students in their journey to adulthood. Make sure your student is given the education they need to be successful and enroll them in the Harlandale ISD.