The Public Information Act

    Please review the documents below to learn more about your rights when submitting a Public Information Request.

    Revise los siguientes documentos para obtener más información sobre sus derechos cuando envíe una Solicitud de información pública.


    Public Information: Know Your Rights

    Ley De Informacion Publica


    Public Information Requests must be submitted to the Harlandale ISD Communications Department and/or the Office of the Superintendent located at 102 Genevieve, San Antonio, TX 78214.

    Public Information Requests may be submitted through the following:

    After you have submitted a public information request, the requested information will be promptly gathered for you. However, Harlandale ISD has the right to take up to ten business days to produce the requested information. If the requested information cannot be produced within ten business days, the public information officer will notify you in writing of the reasonable date and time when it will be available.