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A Memo from Superintendent Soto Aug 3 2020

August 3, 2020

TO: Harlandale Staff

 FROM: Mr. Gerardo Soto, Superintendent of Schools

SUBJECT: Instructional Campus Staff and Virtual Learning Expectations


On Friday, July 17, 2020, the Bexar County Health Authority issued a directive prohibiting in person, face-to-face instruction until after September 7, 2020, subject to further action by the Health Authority. The order allows for personnel to be on campus to provide virtual instruction as long as teachers are “alone in the classroom” while providing instruction and the campus does not exceed 10% of the overall occupancy.


All district level staff and identified campus staff, such as administrators and student support staff, will be required to report to the office or their campus as scheduled beginning with their 2020-2021 contract date.


Campus based instructional staff, including teachers and instructional paraprofessionals, will be allowed to work from home to prepare for and provide virtual learning to students during regular working hours for the first four weeks of school, from August 24 - September 18.   


While it is not mandatory, teachers may opt to come to campus to provide instruction alone in their respective classrooms per the Health Directive.


We understand many campus instructional staff members have elementary age children who are prevented from going to school due to the Health Authority’s directive. To assist staff with being able to still come to campus to provide or support virtual instruction and school operations, we are designating an area/areas at each Harlandale ISD campus for campus instructional staff to bring their own elementary age children (grades Pre- K through 5 only) to work at their campus of employment should they so choose. Children will be able to receive their synchronous/asynchronous instruction during regular working hours. This service will begin on August 24, 2020.                 

Children will be provided a space to use their device with which they can participate and be in attendance for their home campus’ virtual instruction while on their parents’ campus. The identified area for children will be monitored by the campus instructional staff who elect to bring their children to work.  Campus instructional staff  will follow a designated schedule to monitor their children as well as others who have elected to participate. If you are planning to bring your elementary age child to your campus, please contact your principal so that he/she can provide you more details on the monitoring requirements and safety procedures that will be in place for your child.


As we receive updated health and safety guidance, we will update all parents, staff and community regarding next steps  As shared multiple times, Harlandale ISD School Board will make a decision on whether or not to extend remote learning for an additional 4 weeks based on COVID-19 trends and advice from local health officials.  During the extended 4 weeks, we will transition both staff and students to return to campus for in person instruction per TEA guidelines.  It is important all Harlandale ISD staff prepare to report to work in the event that remote learning is extended.


Should a staff member have any reason he/she cannot work from campus, please work with the Human Resources Department (210-989-4410) to determine if you meet eligibility criteria for leave.


Please contact your immediate supervisor if you have questions.


Gerardo Soto

Gerardo Soto

Superintendent of Schools 

Harlandale ISD