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2021 Graduation Details

Graduation Dates: Class of 2021
All safety protocols will be in place. Social distancing will be fully respected and everyone will be required to wear a mask. Students will also be respecting social distancing when seated and as they walk up the stage.

Frank Tejeda Academy's Graduation will be on May 25th at 8:30am at Memorial Stadium
STEM Early College High School's Graduation will be on May 25th at 7pm at Memorial Stadium

McCollum High School's Graduation will be on June 1st at 7pm at the Alamodome
Harlandale High School's Graduation will be on June 2nd at 7pm at the Alamodome
Alamodome: There will be a 16 ticket limit per graduate, however, because of COVID, tickets will be placed in pods. If more than 4 tickets are requested, it is unlikely they will be placed together. Parking at the Dome will be $20.
Memorial Stadium: No limit on tickets. 


Question - Why is there now a limit on the number of tickets a student will receive for graduation?

Answer - On April 14th, we released a survey to the Class of 2021 to determine how many tickets students plan on requesting.  What we found was that about 25% of the students indicated that they would have more than 16 people attending the graduation ceremony. Based on the adjusted capacity of the Alamodome, it became possible that we would run out of tickets before giving every graduate a chance to have their family members in the audience.

Question - What are the updated rules for tickets?

Answer - Once the Alamodome releases the preprinted tickets to the district, campuses will notify students of the ticket distribution procedures.  Initially, each graduate will be able to request a maximum of 16 tickets.  Naturally, some students will request less while others will need more.   Once each student has been issued the number of tickets that they requested, all other available seats will become available and students in need of more tickets can request an additional 16 tickets.  Once those requests have been filled, remaining seats will be distributed in a similar fashion as the second round.

Question - How are these “pods” arranged?

Answer - At this time we do not know the exact location of the pods.  It has been shared with us that 70% of the pods are either for 2 people or 4 people.  Only 10% of the pods will contain more than 4 seats.  There will be ADA seating available that is paired with one guest.

     When tickets are assigned to the students, HISD will try very hard to 1) Make sure that the family is sitting on the same side of the Alamodome as their graduate and 2) The pods that are assigned to large groups are close to each other.   

Question - Do small children need a ticket?

Answer - Any person age 3 and above must have a ticket.  For children under age 3, they do not need a ticket as long as the family understands that the child will need to sit in the lap of a family member during the ceremony.

Question - Will I have my temperature checked before entering the Alamodome?

Answer - Yes.  If either a graduate or a person entering the Alamodome to view the graduation has a fever, they will be asked to sit to the side for a moment before receiving a second temperature check.   At that time, if the person still has a higher than normal temperature, they will not be permitted into the ceremony and will have to go home.

Question - Will I have to wear a mask?

Answer - Yes.  Face coverings are required in all public and common spaces.

More Alamodome safety guidelines can be found at: