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Harlandale ISD Explores Four-Day School Week


With increasing research on the positive impact of a four-day instructional week, Harlandale ISD has begun the process of gathering input from teachers, staff and the community to gauge interest and implementation for the upcoming academic year. 


Since initially asking staff for input in December 2022, the District has since released two surveys for staff and the community to share their thoughts on two potential calendars. The decision to explore a four-day school week was made after monitoring the positive impact it has made in other Texas school districts, including a better work-life balance, increased productivity and job satisfaction among staff. In the recent 2022 Texas Teacher Poll survey by the Charles Butt Foundation, one of the main reasons teachers are leaving the profession is because of mental health issues, as well as not enough time for planning.


"We are committed to hearing the voices of our teachers and staff and considering all options to improve working and learning conditions in our district," said Harlandale Superintendent Gerardo Soto. "We are in the process of gathering all research and input necessary to make an informed decision about the potential implementation of a four-day school week. It is no secret that many teachers are leaving the profession, so we also want to be proactive when it comes to retaining and recruiting teachers for our District.” 


If implemented, Harlandale ISD would be the first school district in San Antonio to adopt a four-day instructional week. The District will continue to consult with other school districts that have successfully implemented similar schedules and will ensure that the change does not negatively impact student instruction. The new schedule, which will take effect at the beginning of the next school year, will provide staff with an additional day off most weeks.


At this time no decision has been made. Teachers, staff and the community will be informed of any decision and updates as they become available. Harlandale ISD is committed to providing its staff and students with the best possible learning environment and is confident that a four-day school week can have a positive impact on staff morale and student achievement.